Address: Industrial Zone, Haspolat / Nicosia
Phone: +90 392 444 25 65     +90 392 233 58 45     Fax: +90 392 233 58 46
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Who We Are?
Future Plans
Principles and Objectives
Why Gürdağ?
Gurdag laid the foundation of Gurdag Industrial Structure Elements Factory in May 2006. After work at which superior performance was displayed and construction which lasted for one year, the most modern structure elements factory with the system of German Zenith AZ 865 full robotic technology which no other establisment within not only the North of Cyprus but the interior of region geography could possess and which will be the pride of T.R.N.C., was established. Our company which began its test production in February 2007, has started its mass production as of May 2007. Gurdag Industrial Structure Elements Factory is the largest and only factory in T.R.N.C. which was constructed by designing up to %100 CE standards, carrying out the production of light and insulated IZOBIMS by concrete flooring and covering stones, capable of production at EU standards. Today, Cakil Isletmeleri Ltd. is a big and market stabilizing establishment carrying out production in Cyprus by %100 domestic capital under whose structure a personnel of more than 100 employees work.
We Standardised Quality
Human Resources
Gürdağ Group is a big company operating in North Cyprus with more than 100 employees.

The best asset of this company are its human resources who are able to take fast strategic decisions and who are also able to work actively well aware of their full responsibilities. The Company aims to continue its expansion with this dynamic workforce.

To achieve this Gürdağ Group plans the following for its employees:
  • Create an atmosphere through which each employee can develop personally and professionaly
  • Provide an environment for continuous lifelong learning
  • Set up and use systems which will correctly identify individual personal capabilities
  • Measuring and evaluating the performances with objective criteria
  • Reward and honor high performance and support the development of performances who are not able to reach expected levels

Working at Gürdağ Group gives an employee  a chance to change the life styles of the people living in and around North Cyprus positively. So if you want to develop yourself personally and professionally join the workforce at Gürdağ.